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Learn more about Transitional Colemak (Tarmak) here.

Loosely speaking, Transitional Colemak is a set of layouts intended to smoothen your transition from QWERTY to Colemak. Each Tarmak layout changes a few keys from the previous layout, ensuring that each stage is comfortable. You can adjust the Tarmak stage using the dropdown list at the top.

Usage Guide:

This tool is intended to be used for a QWERTY touch typer looking to transition to Colemak.

Begin by typing the letter with the blue highlight. Use QWERTY as your keyboard. The program will automatically convert the keys pressed according to the appropriate layout. Look at the image of the keyboard shown below the words to check where the positions of the keys are.

You will then type 50 words for practice. At the end, you'll be alerted with your accuracy and your WPM. After finishing the last letter, make sure you press the spacebar again to finish the session.

To start a new session or switch stages mid-session, click the Reset Typing Session button. After doing so, make sure you remove the focus off of the button, to prevent you from accidently resetting the typing session.

After switching Tarmak stages, remove the focus on the dropdown menu by clicking else where. Doing so will prevent any accident switches to different Tarmak stages.

Note: The program will work without issues only if you follow the bolded statements above.

Known Issues

Resetting typing session will start the timer, so once you do it, immediately start typing as your WPM will lowered the more you pause.

WPM calculations are broken. :(


It is recommended that you move on to the next Tarmak layout only after achieving 40+ WPM and 97%+ accuracy (30+ WPM is sometimes okay).

The average time for one layout is around 2 to 3 days.


Thanks to DreymaR for the Tarmak layouts. Website is at https://dreymar.colemak.org/.